Hi, I’m Gentri Green. I’m happy you’re here.

Gentri Green


I have been making jewelry for over 15 years. There are always new techniques to master, new color combinations to put together and projects to get excited about. I’m most interested in wire wrapping, stringing, wire, mini macramé, and making flameworked glass beads.

I love glass. The obsession started five years ago with a trip to a glass studio on the Oregon Coast, I have been melting glass on a torch since. My style is fresh and crisp, with a focus on high quality shapes and completed beads. My favorite project is to create hollow beads. All glass beads are immediately annealed in my Paragon Bluebird kiln to ensure quality.about1

When I’m not in the studio, I’m a mom to a new baby girl and a toddler who loves to stamp and “paint finger.” I’m married to an electrical engineer who is a woodworker at heart. I love to be out on adventures whether it’s 1,000 miles away or in my own backyard.

Visit this site often for tutorials and ideas related to glass and jewelry making.